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Hi, I'm Talha

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I'm a Managing Director turned
Front-end Developer.

Prior to my career change, I thrived in utilising both my business and technical skillsets to oversee projects from inception through to completion, ensure compliance with GDPR and EU regulations, and growing company revenue year on year.

I spent any free time I had teaching myself further technical skills and pushing my understanding. This mindset eventually led me to attended the Software Engineering Course at General Assembly to improve my skills further in various full stack technologies. My time on the course were spent working on challenging solo projects as well as team projects where I managed version control with Git and Github, deployed said projects with Heroku and most importantly gained crucial practice and understanding of various Front-end and Back-end technologies such as React.js, Node.js, Python and many more.


My Projects

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Planner for fiscal transparancy

React.js, Python, Flask, Bcrypt, SQLAlchemy, Bulma

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Pet Friendly Social Media

React.js, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Bcrypt, Bulma, Mocha & Chai

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Random Phrase Translator

React.js, Axios, Bulma

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Legend of Zelda Themed Space Invaders

JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Let's chat tech...

Being the go to resident tech-head, I have always taken satisfaction in resolving a problem to the best of my ability. Whether that's struggling to build my first pc at age 11 to creating my own home automation setup. It is this desire across the tech community which inspires me to work with people who share my enthusiasm for creating something to benefit people everywhere.

This enthusiasm was abundantly present throughout my time on GA's Software Engineering Immersive that I decided to go back for more. As a teaching assistant I was amazed to see the many new perspectives taken towards the software engineering discipline as a whole. From helping students understand concepts, to reviewing homeworks and providing meaningful feedback, I was driven to be as encouraging and supportive as possible so as to continue the 'pay it forward' mentality in this fast paced industry.

If you would like to get in touch for a chat, feel free to contact me via the links below.